Monday, 12 November 2012

Star Wars X-Wing

Today we got the first batch of Star Wars X-Wing

The are probably the best pre-painted minis I've ever seen!
I've always been impressed by Fantasy Flight's production quality but these are particularly impressive

I really do like tactical combat games, but this one lets me go into full Star Wars fanboy mode: be prepared to take the full brunt of my incessant movie quotations!

Tomorrow we will be running intro games ALL DAY LONG yeah!

Here's some pics:

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  1. I'll be there with bells on to help with the demos! Word of advice - all Imperial Players need AT LEAST one Tie Advanced (Vader is AWESOME) and all Rebel players need both the X-Wing and Y-Wing packs! The Y-Wing because it's a tank that helps reduce the Imperial's superior manueverability, and the X-Wing for Wedge - the best pilot on the Rebel side!