Thursday, 1 November 2012

Risk: Legacy

Every once in a while I hear about a game that's really unique, most of the time, they are innovations that come off as really 'gimmicky'. On rare occasions there is an innovation that really wows me; enter Risk Legacy.

This game takes risk to a really unusual place; the first couple games you play will change THE WAY you play future games, it's like customizing your own risk board but your victories and defeats will determine your options.

Looking at the box there's a bunch of sealed packets that only get to be opened when certain conditions are met.

The most interesting part is the fact that all changes you and your friends make are PERMANENT most notably reinforced by the seal on the box saying 'what's done can never be undone'

The playing pieces are really nice for a risk game and each colour boasts unique models with distinct appearances the green looking very tribal with forearm blades, the tan faction has a very 'Dune - Fremen' appearance, purple looks similar to palpatine's royal guard with red towing the ubiquitous power armoured soldier line and grey filling the generic colonial soldier role.

Very cool concept, very VERY cool execution.

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