Friday, 16 November 2012

L5R promos and unboxing RISK:Legacy

So starting with the L5R promos,
If you have a sharp enough eye you can see; Wyrmbone Katana, Alternate Art Retribution, Peace, Ressurrection, and the imperial treasury,

Well... Here's a close up in case you don't have such sharp eyes...

Ok now I've been eagerly anticipating this; RISK: Legacy!!!

Opening the box you are immediately greeted with pretty standard fare: tokens to punch-out, the rule book but also some 'boosters' inside the lid that are only supposed to be opened after specific events

Looks like some city and resource stickers and a game progress board

Some faction boards, I've been told you mark specialties and abilities on them

WOW! That's funny; a contract taking responsibility for the wars about to begin!
what have we done?

Very interesting, the playing pieces are nicely detailed and a couple packages marked 'open when 3 missiles are used in the same combat' and 'Open when someone is about to place 30+ troops on the board and has a missile' that sounds a little ominous to me,
Imperial Balkania (look a lot like Palpatine's Royal Gaurdwith Hover Tanks to me!)
Enclave of The Bear; Barbarian Wolverine-style troops with Bear-riders? yes please

Die Mechankier - typical power-armoured troops with BIG GUNS

Khan Industries- Colonial Marines finally decided to weaponize those power loaders!

TheSaharan Republic bear a resemblance to Dune's Fremen with some fast-looking little buggies

Everything looks pretty good... Wait the bottom lifts out...


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