Thursday, 8 November 2012


We have it back in stock FINALLY!!!

Due to difficulties in obtaining this specific kind of stock we will temporarily be limiting use of store credit for purchasing packs and use on limited events - Customers accounts with store credit can use it to purchase 1 pack of Ravnica total per day (whether it is to be used as part of a limited event or not) you are still welcome to purchase non-ravnica packs, sleeves, boxes, and singles with store credit.)

Now... On to fun stuff

Here's my 'Azorius' Deck,
It got WAY better with the inclusion of the silver blade paladins,

The lands are pretty standard fare, 7 islands, 7 plains, 2 glacial fortresses 2 Azorius guildgates, and 2 hallowed fountains

I loaded up on enchantments mostly because of ethereal armour, I think that card is fantastic and I'm a big fan anything that gets better because something else gets better but even if it doesn't its still good on its own,
4 ethereal armour, 4 detention spheres, 4 bonds of faith, 2 sphere of safety, 2 curse of exhaustion, and I just put in a curse of the bloody tome (mostly to mess with deck-arranging shenanigans) I recently took out Sphinx 's revelation because I noticed I never have it when I need it and I never need it when I have it...

As far as creatures go, I took 4 judges familiar, 4 lyev Skyknight, 3 Azorious Arresters, 4 silver blade paladins, and 4 New Prav guild mages

It's been pretty good so far, I've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with syncopate, because I've noticed all my opponents simply leave one more mana than i have available. i tried subbing in essence scatter when i was having creature problems, but it seemed creatures weren't the problem then, so i swapped them for negate, I'm trying out some dissipates for now but there are some cards I really want to include, mostly curiosity, and I WISH I could use the archons of the triumvirate, and righteous authority... If only they were a little cheaper...

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