Friday, 14 December 2012

Modern tourney, and hero shenanigans

So today; We are going to be running a modern tournament for Magic the gathering. What that means is you have to have made your deck before you enter. But it's a little more forgiving because you have some slightly older cards too. Now that's can offer up its own specific challenges. Mostly because people get to use cards from all sorts of different sets and create new combinations that normally wouldn't have been planned in that block.
I plan on using my Birthing Pod deck I affectionately call it my "Will it blend?" deck because the best thing it does is Jam a creature in a blender and makes a better one.

Here we are featuring some hero clicks minis. Two days ago we got some brave and the bold boosters in, And we are already completely sold out. Jason Clark is One lucky guy he ended up getting the really big chase rare in this block which is Martian man Hunter as a black lantern! Also he ended up getting two flashes on a single base running side-by-side because they're traveling through time just to buddy up! And the green arrow in Green Lantern team up figure. Also from the same brick came a Green Lantern and flash team up figure which has some of the most crazy abilities: they get to mimic any damage ability or power that they currently don't possess, Plus they have a 12 square charge with four damage that they can dish out in one turn! In addition of that I've noticed that people want things that kind of work together.

 So I decided to also offer ready to go play sets of things. So people that want to create a themed force, can use the premade sets that I have handy. And here are some examples. This week will be getting some independent comic boosters and for hero clicks, So be sure to check them out because you might get a chance to say hello to Judge dread and/or Hellboy.

Joker and his best gal, Harley

Parademon troops from Apokolips

Easy Company featuring Sgt Rock
The Gotham City PD

Justice  League set

These are all for sale individually; left to right top: Exclusive promo superman in black uniform, Desaad, The Key, left to right Bottom: PromoJoker, Parasite, Darkseid, Original Flash.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Collectors sets and silent auction

Today in the shop, we got in some very very cool collector sets.
First up it's the aliens versus predator collectors set featuring no less than seven different aliens with different specialties.
Which is a very cool set even if you don't play the game, to which game do I refer? Why hero clicks of course! Since we started getting it in it's been flying off the shelves almost literally at some points.

Secondly we have the queen alien limited edition set. This set is really cool because not only is a cranial in a gigantic monster literally, She comes with a detachable egg laying base which I'm not entirely sure what it does but it is one of the coolest features that I've seen on a hero clicks mini so far. We also have several brave and the bold boosters that have come in today but I don't expect them to last very long.

Next up we have the items up for silent auction. Here is the circle is complete diorama from sideshow collectibles. In this vignette each piece is individually hand-painted and finished eighth each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of handcrafted sideshow collectibles, I've seen this thing in real life and it is crazy! the cloak on Obi-Wan Kenobi is actually textured like a fabric. You would have no idea that you're actually touching Polystone.

In addition to that we have the monstrous AT – TE for the clone wars this is a gigantic toy. Just a heads up here though; I have put in a reserve bid for it to be donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation, you may do what ever you wish with it if you are to win the auction, howver if the reserveis not met, I will beunable to donate the toy as I am not a huge corporation. I sincerely hope that we can reach that goal.

Finally we have this lovable Cthulhu plushy. Although it's long past Halloween this is a very cuddly little character, Which Has just a few bids on it so far, but none of those are particularly high so someone will be a will to get this doll very very cheaply.

Friday, 7 December 2012

The ULTIMATE showdown

Hero clicks has been around for a while. I played it when it first came out and it was a lot of fun.

"I'm not stuck in here with you, You're stuck in here with me!"
 I was surprised to find that not only is it still in production it's still going very strong.

Marvel vs. Capcom in tabletop form anyone?

Moreover, I was wowed by the fact that everything that is in the hero clicks line is compatible with each other.

Bane and Joker decide to outsorce some labour
So we actually have Marvel superhero characters fighting against DC superhero characters and villains.
Spiderman thought his vacation in Gotham would be uneventful

It doesn't end there, you can have Halo, the hobbit, and various horror themes, and independent comics, that all can battle together. We just got in stock for watchmen hero clicks streetfighter hero clicks, And a whole bunch of single models for the game.

For sale as soon as it is sorted... and yes that is ghost rider if you can see him
Of note the models have improved significantly over the time, the processes have gotten better for sculpting. Although I'm not a big advocate for prepainted miniatures or prepainted miniature games I find that the products that have come out this year: Backswing miniatures, the new sets for hero clicks, and a large number of others are really making their footprint on the tactical wargaming scene.

The Deputised Lantern Corps from 'Blackest night'. Hey Lex can I borrow that shiny armour? oh, right... Orange is the 'Greed' Lantern.

So what does it all mean? it means that yes you can in fact have Spiderman team up with Superman, Master Chief Frodo Baggins, Hellboy, Guile, and Rorschach to try to take down Cthulhu!!

buildings added for scale.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wyrd Spotlight part 1/3 the Company


Well I started this entry a couple of days ago. I noticed that I had way more material that should be contained in one entry. So I decided that I would break it up into three parts. I wanted to really focus on the company so I'm making this one first.

If you only read one portion of this three-part entry I really hope it's this part.

So what's the big deal about WYRD? Well in a very short space of time, shorter than any miniature company I'm aware of a garnered a great deal of respect amongst their fans myself included.

Their initiatives both product wise and Company wise are Incredible.

I still don't have my "nightmare lord chompy", but maybe someday
I've seen very few companies that address concerns about their products or services as quickly or as creatively as this company. For example: I as an avid collector of their products desperately wanted many of their promotional items. Unfortunately being a small business owner I can't make it too things like GenCon or things like that. So Wyrd actually took the step forward and decided to make it possible for guys like me to be able to get their exclusives without having to wait for it to show up on eBay and fork over a small fortune for it.

They are very upfront about their conditions on special items and things like that. Moreover they reward their players with the most interesting little bonuses. One such thing is a nurse model for a faction called the resurrectionists Called "Miss pack " In the only way to obtain this model is to get her as a mispack in one of the regular starter boxes. They don't really have to give you free stuff. They just throw that in because it's something neat and definitely very appreciated appreciated by their fans.

Now they've been taking a lot of flak over their kick starter for a new role playing game system that they're coming out with. I'd really like as many people that are fans of weird to show their support of this company. One thing that's problematic with kick starter is lots of customers come in talking with these new and amazing products that are coming out. But when it comes to the store level I can't compete with a lot of the offerings that companies make for their kick starter programs. Which is led to me simply not ordering a lot of the products that they can get more and better things for from that Kickstarter.

The Wicked Doll, designed by Professor Noxweiler Berf and constructed by Lizzie Dee Designs.Weird miniatures had the brilliant idea of offering exclusive things through their kick starter but actually encouraging purchases at the store level. Which helps little guys like me out. Obviously a lot of other customers, have taken issue with this idea. And yes I do understand that not getting the full product that can be offered through stores at the kick starter level him could be frustrating. But isn't the point to kick starter to show your support and help fund the project to ensure that he gets created?

Here's a link to their kick starter:

All images from a weird miniatures are used without permission and will be removed upon request

Sunday, 2 December 2012

November Malifaux paint contest

For this month's entries we have:

a death Marshall, painted by Caitlin waddington,

a bayou Goblin painted by Carl Podmore, a

limited edition death Marshall 'Miss Terious' painted by Ryan Brouckxon

In first place we have Lord Chompy Bits painted by Chris Parson

Congrats to all our contestants

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

More model madness!

As a Christmas Special,
We will be discounting all of our for-sale painted products, such as the armies.

Here are some examples of the painted armies:

First up is a fantastic high elf army pro painted and features 30+ spearmen and a dragon

Also we have a 'iyanden' Eldar Army also pro-painted which includes 25 wraith guard and 3 wraith lords

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Small Business Saturday

After 'Black Friday' is 'Small business Saturday'

Black Friday is a tradition started in the states for big companies to push some big sales before December, and lots of savings can be had.

Small business Saturday is a little more relaxed, no one is going to get trampled but we will be celebrating!

We're showing our support to Sky's Cupcakes, just 25 cents.

Starting today we will be discounting current games workshop, privateer press and battlefront in stock items by 10% and special order items will get 15% off

Our huge Bitz sale continues we have STAR WARS X-Wing miniatures in stock as well

So hopefully you guys can make it out and share some cupcakes and play some games!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Scarring up the world

     Well, we just completed our second game of RISK: Legacy, and it was a well-fought battle all around. Joining me was Andrew Price, as 'Die Mechaniker' faction (Red) and Andrew Slater using the 'Saharan Republic' faction (Tan) for this game I used 'Khan Industries' (Grey)

We didn't bother photographing the first 2-3 turns because we basically just chose starting positions and consolidated our power bases here we go:

Andrew P, with a flair for poetic justice, decided the red army should start in russia, and in his subsequent turns fortified the heck out of europe

Andrew S quickly grabbed Australia and made a push all the way up to Kamatcha, mostly to contest my continental-jog to North America

I greedily sped my through Africa and South America, spreading myselfa little thin, BUT keeping my main borders aswell-defendedasI could Manage

Andrew P made a push for Kamatcha, because at the end of my turn a 3 resource card came up, giving him the oppourtunity to escalate our border patrols

Andrew S spreads out across asia, with india being hotly contestedby all factions to obtain those precious resource cards

I sneak my way across North America in a bid to grab land and hopefully assault Iceland in the near future

Andrew P breaks my stranglehold on North Africa, severly hampering my recruitment drive, and mercifully leaves Brazil untouched, he attempts a few minor coups on his Asian/European Border, but get pushed back to europe

Andrew S conquers nearly all of asia and gets a foothold in North America

I add just enough force to reclaim the african continent and added just a little to North America to discourage expansion by Andrew S

Andrew P cashed in some resource cards and tons of artillery appeared on the boarders of Europe, I learned that shouting "fortress europe" while defending Europe will drastically improve dice rolls.

Andrew S enforced an Ammo shortage in afganisatan and claims several more territories, after several unsuccessful attempts on Russia he decidedto keep a strong border

I finally kicked Andrew out of North America but I was unable to conquer the whole continent becuase I didn't have troops to spare fighting partisans in Toronto (the NEW capital of Canada) I was finally able to push in to Europe and deny Andrew his 5 army bonus and hopefully outpace him in the arms race.

Andrew P's forces are dwindling but his few strong territories are able to gurantee him a win by cashing in resource cards for victory Stars, despite being surrounded he can win very soon,

more unsuccessful raids on Russia and a string of bad luck attempting to engage forces in india have left Andrew S's forces broken and scattered his best bet is to pile everything into indonesia and bunker down and wait for someone else to slip up

I had tried to force an ammo shortage when I was stationed in Greenland, after Andrew attemped to invade butbeing the attacking player he was able to take priority and place a bunker which not only meant my ammo shortage was cancelled but also it was going to be very tough to claim, After some incredibly lucky rolling I broke in, last turn I ammassed troops in China and india and blitzed through south asia and indonesia and since I still had my ammo shortage, I could accomplish two tasks 1, claim Andrew S's HQ and 2 make Austraila amuch more challengeing prospect to hold in all future games.

The ammo shortage in Afganistan was pivotal to the game, this territory changed hands numerours times even over the course of 2-3 turns

Europe is MUCH more appealing now, the Bunker in Iceland held strong for several rounds in battle, but eventually it fell.

The ammo shortage in Indonesia was game-breaking, it let me grab my third star, and will have reprecussions for future games making Australia slightly moretricky to hold

Player Rewards: Japan was already a 3-resource territory but Andrew S' Troops held outso well he decided to upgrade it, with an additional resource, Japan will be a target to occupy in future games.

Andrew P founded the minor city of Cardiff in great Britain. Now when players try to claim Great Britain, they will lose 1troop due to resistance, BUT it will contribute 1 population, (effectively counting as two territories in one!)

 My reward was to Name the Continent of North America, hence forth North America shall be knows as: NEO-CANADA!
My bonus for doing so is; If I conquer all of 'Neo Canada' in any future game,I get an additional +1 bonus to the number of armies levied.

And just because it's been a while since I've showcased any work; here is my in-progress 'Miss-terious' forthe Malifaux painting contest!