Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hero Clix Battle Report

Okay so today I'll be facing Jordan in a game of Hero Clix. He chose the Gamma Bomb Range as the map. I've only played on this map once before with Man-Thing and a butt load of zombies. They proved to be an overwhelming force surprisingly. But this time I'm taking some Superman themed stuff.

I chose Lex Luthor, Bizarro, and a Kryptonian Renegade. They are the Superman Revenge Squad! I've never used these guys before but I'm fairly confident because I almost never lose at Hero Clix. But I lose every single battle report it seems. So let's see what karma has in store for me.
 a bunch of miscreants

Jordan: I'm currently typing instead of talking, as I think it will go faster!
I'm using Deadpool, Cyclops, and Nightwing because I haven't used them nearly enough since I got them :). Ryan claims he always wins at Hero Clix, but looses at BatReps. Well, I loose at everything, so lets see how this goes!
wolverine haters + guest

Jordan wins the roll for deployment, and because we're both very casual about this game, he decides to just deploy in the zone that he was already sitting by. My end of the table has some blocking terrain and an elevated position, presumably where they tested the gamma bomb. So Jordan gets to deploy first and act first, and I have to deploy and play second.

Jordan advances cautiously up the field, making effective use of cover and blocking terrain. He declared that Nightwing was going to be using a utility belt. Equipped on the belt is the gas pellets and smoke bombs, and batarangs.

Jordan Turn 1 movement
Since Lex Luther is a wildcard, I want him hanging out next to Bizarro so I get a free Outwit as often as possible. I think I'll drive the Kryptonian Renegade up fast, because she's fast, hits hard, and she can take a lot of damage it appears. Just to stay more in character I decided that I would move Bizarro radically around but still remain within his movement distance despite the fact that he didn't go nearly as far as he could have.
Attempted high ground...

Turn 2, Nightwing boldly charges a Kryptonian Renegade. This is risky because Jordan would have to push Nightwing. He decides to Outwit her Invulnerability, using the special power from the utility belt. And taking full advantage of the plus to bonus to all of his stats, Nightwing rolls double threes - not only hitting the Renegade, but dealing pushback damage and sending her flying into the staging area Luther and Bizarro were standing on! This Deals an all-important sixth point of damage. This saw the Kryptonian Renegade completely unconscious. A very successful second turn for Jordan.

The wind-up...
...outta the PARK!

Needing to deal some damage before Nightwing goes sick-house all over all of my guys, I decide to push Bizarro, using his Hypersonic Speed to fly at Nightwing, punch him in the face, and then get back to right where Luther is. Rolling a nine, just over the eight I needed, I dealt four damage to Nightwing - enough to bloody his nose but doesn't take him out of action.

Bizarro, take him
Bizarro do good?
Down! down! and Towards!!

Jordan decides to advance Cyclops up to support his teammates, and clears Knightwing - clearly exhausted after butchering the Kryptonian Renegade.
In a Mexican standoff style turn, all I'm able to do is cause Bizarro to rest as well. Now that he has lost his Hypersonic Speed I am not sure how to proceed for the next few turns.

In a bold maneuver to deny Bizarro his charge, Jordan moves Knightwing up to the staging area engaging both Luther and Bizarro. Deadpool and Cyclops both attempt to flank the members of the Injustice League.

Right now with all the threats on the table it's a difficult decision whether I want Luther to enhance Bizarro's laser eyes and try to kill Deadpool or Cyclops, or whether I want them just to take down Knightwing because he poses such a large threat.

I decide to perplex Bizarro's damage up by Bizarro reciting poetry, and using Luthor to enhance Bizarro's damage value as well. I can only target Cyclops as Jordan pointed out Deadpool is being very stealthy this turn. I just have to hope that the terror of the tabletop known as Knightwing is not going to surve my own buttocks on a SilverPlatter next turn.

Luther decides to take a swing at Nightwing, but ends up simply tickling him, Bizarro does a whopping five damage to Cyclops, however Cyclops ended up acquiring the Enhancement power which is going to boost Deadpool's damage on his turn.

Bizarro is gaining his patience with you...
Jordan decides to push Knightwing to smack Lex Luther in the chops, Lex is able to shunt the damage as a Mastermind criminal to Bizaro. Normally you were only able to do that for smaller guys. I decided to take the gamble and let Luthor take all of the damage because I can't lose Bizarro this early in the game. Jordan is going to be banking on Deadpool dealling lots of damage to Bizarro with his shots so let's see how this pans out.

I said stay DOWN Luthor!
Bizarro takes his lumps but just barely remains standing. I really don't like pushing my characters when they taken so much damage, but I don't think I have any choice at this point, although I don't think I have a chance of winning the overall game, I think I can get a definite moral victory by taking out Knightwing.

Looking at my dice, having rolled a nine with utmost confidence almost assured that Nightwing would be taken out of the match this time Jordan nonchalantly points out that his defense is enhanced not only by his comment reflexes but also by the utility belt adding the extra point of defense causing my paltry nine To miss by one point.

Jordan rolls are whopping 10 to hit Bizarro with Cyclops, but looking at Pizarro's dial I noticed that he now has Probability Control! I announced in a loud voice "reroll that!", but unfortunately for me Jordan picked up his dice, shook them around, droped them on the table and ended up with the exact same result! Victory to the X-Men today, with special guest star Knightwing.

After the match looking back on what I could've done differently that game, I think I should've been a little more patient with Bizarro. Had I not pushed him a few times, I would've had more opportunities to attack with him. Although losing the Kryptonian Renegade early was debilitating I still should've played around that, I've seen other games of Hero Clix turn around with more severe penalties than that. Jordan played really well, he pushed when he needed to, was aggressively when he needed to be, and it won him the game. Again congrats Jordan.

Jordan: Holy cow! Taking out the Kryptonian Renegade in one shot was unbelievably lucky! Without the Utility Belt's bonus, it would never have happened. I was extremely (and uncharacteristically) lucky with my Utility Belt - it was always on one of the few spots that have bonuses to attack stats. Hero of the Match definitely goes to Nightwing - his daring charge ending in the death of a powerful character on turn two, combined with a timely and possibly deadly move into danger to protect Deadpool and Cyclops gave me the freedom to choose my attacks. Until next time Mr. Brouckxon!

Monday, 11 March 2013

X-wing Battle Report

X-wing battle report
Last time I played Zach in X wing he stomped me. I did get some lucky shots off though. Today were actually to be switching roles he played rebels last time and hes goint to play imperials so I get a chance take the rebles today.

Rebels and the Empire face off again
[Ryan] I'll be using Biggs darklighter, Famous for being one of the named guys that Help destroy the Death Star the first movie. I think at a pretty good chance because five is a high pilots skill. Which means that all be likely moving last and shooting first. The X wing fighters have two shields so if I make some mistakes I've got some cushion. Unfortunately I will not be a will to use his special ability which means that he takes hits instead of other fighters that are on his team.

[Zach] Last time I played Ryan I was the good guys so I guess it's time to switch roles and I'll play Imperials. Ryan used an Academy pilot in our last game that really cleaned my clock so I figure I'll try and duplicate that luck and use it on my own team. Also I'm taking an Obsidian squadron pilot to round out my team and give me two tie fighters.
With pilot skills of one and three I'm pretty sure I'm going to move first and shoot last, but I'm hoping I can use my maneuverability and speed to get around behind Biggs and give Ryan a serious headache. Tie fighters have no shields, so I need to make sure not to put them in harms way needlessly, or this game will be over really quickly.

Zack set up the board with a scattering of asteroids around the board, we didn't get a chance to play with them last time. Maybe it'll add a new element to the game and make us have to think ahead a couple of turns. No this game can go on for a few turns that are very quick with nothing going on so we'll be bringing you the highlights.

Hello Zach! say hello to my little friend!
Turn one just saw us both plowing forward neither one of us is in range To shoot so looks like it's going to be a couple of turns of posturing. My best bet when faced with multiple photos is to try to isolate one. But Zack is going to be prepared for that So will have to try to guess what each other to try to pull in this next turn.

That's one of the big selling points on this game for me; the fact that you're always active. You're going to try to guess what the other guys can try to pull, and trap him so that you can fire at him and if possible make sure that he can't fireback.

Zack leads off with the Academy pilot on turn to draw him straight into front of my crosshairs. But he continues to flank with obsidian squadron pilot. He may just be using is cheaper craft to bait into a trap. Although it's totally got to work on me this time, it's too much over word to pass up an opportunity to take an early shot at the worst of the two pilots.

I get a decent roll to shoot but he easily dodges out-of-the-way as he takes his dodge action, I'm not going to waste my target lock this turn because even if I reroll the last die and get a hit his three dodges are still got to cancel my hits out.

Oh Noez!
Misjudging the distance by a fair bit Zach Gets me right in his crosshairs by doing a blast forward and sharp reverse, Which is what I was trying to get to him I thought he was going to turn to his right. Lucky I have the shields but I've a feeling that I'm going to be missing out on them fairly early

Not quite in rangement one as I had feared, Zack rolls his dice one comes up a hit, the other critical hit I better get really lucky, my dice roll they come up two dodges.

Lucky for Ryan, Biggs can dodge with the best of them.
Turn three Zack pulls his Academy pilot right in behind my X wing, In a textbook dogfighting maneuver my only chance is hopefully My higher pilot skill Allowing me to do some damage to his obsidian squad pilot, But I am concerned that I'm in such a close range band in my back arc there.

'I have you now!' attr; nameless academy pilot
My shots patter harmlessly off of his hull, return fire from the obsidian squad pilot do likewise, The Academy pilot strips one of my shields off with some very effective firing.Despite rolling all dodges he still had a bonus die for beings in such a close range.

In a desperate bid to turn the tables knowing that his guys very maneuverable and Zack makes good use of that, I decided on a short left Bank. Which paid off because his craft blasted forward and reversed While his Academy pilot slid right up behind, While I was still in the academy pilots firing arc I was able to get close to the better pilot while he had a stress token and brought them into my close range band. Pay dividends causing to damage to the Imperial.

 Through a combination of guessing what the other guys could do second-guessing those thoughts and trying to outsmart our clever plans Zach and I both ended up with knowing each other's firing arcs. The next turn it will be crucial.

a comedy of errors.
Zack swung into my flank and stripped off my last shield, And dealt damage to boot. My gamble didn't really pay off because not only was I not in anyone's fireguard I was actually out of range and shoot at the Academy pilot that I still have a target lock on.

All pilots blasting forward getting awfully crowded In outer space, I managed to bring my craft right nose to nose almost to Zacks Academy pilot letting the lasers fly bring him down to one final point on his academy pilot, Position of severely damaged hopefully all that's left is to clean up the chaff.

Here's the set up...
Biggs lets loose before the academy pilot takes his shot.
Expertly dodging the obsidian squad pilot, Biggs maneuvers out-of-the-way of his blasts apparently his shots were just the force Biggs down into the crosshairs of the Academy pilot Who promptly rolls a hit and a critical hit. Blinding Him, And coming up with no dodges on my dice. Game over victory to the imperials.

That was a great game, Each turn was interesting this time. I played a couple games before there's turns and turns of posturing and maneuvering before you can get a clean shot. Even with just the starter set ships We have a lot of maneuvering and Cat and mousing around. Congrats to Zach, he played quite well. I'll have to get my revenge soon.

That was an awesome game. Ryan is always a fun opponent, and he kept me guessing most of the game. My ultimate plan of outmaneuvering Ryan worked, although my TIEs both were pretty banged up. That lucky Academy pilot did his job, and did the most damage to Biggs. My Obsidian Squad pilot helped out too, and having 2 craft is always better than 1. Good game Ryan, I look forward to the inevitable rematch

Saturday, 9 March 2013

March Hare (or as mad thereof)

What a month March is shaping up to be! We have the Batman tournament for hero clicks, it's month two for no mans land for Batman.
There is a Warhammer 40,000 tournament coming up. And we are finalizing the membership program in the privileges that go along with being a member. Plus lots of activity with Malifaux and dystopian wars.

Let's protect Wayne Manor!
First up hero clicks.
On Tuesday we have the Batman sealed tournament, We still have several spaces available, And one of the prizes will be Mr. freeze's freeze gun.

Bat girl is highly mobile and can deal a lot of punishment
Last month for no mans land competition was tight. With the first place and last-place only having a difference of seven points between them. That is the difference of literally three games in a month if you lose every game. This month the prize figure is batgirl, And utility belt equipment is batarangs.

The Warhammer 40,000 tournament is filling up quickly but there still spaces available. Although painting is not a requirement, there is a prize for best painted. And it will affect your overall score.

On the dystopian wars front, We've just completed a Russian coalition naval group. And are well on our way to completing a empire of the blazing sun armored Battle group and naval battle group. Plus we will be starting a regular blog update for a game called dystopian legions.
The Russian's have short range guns but can weather a lot of punishment at long ranges.

Don't forget next week is March break. And will be running activities every day for different games so pay attention to the Facebook group.

If that's not enough on the 30th it's international board game day. And will be running several activities for that day you'll have to wait and see some of the surprises we have in store.