Tuesday, 27 November 2012

More model madness!

As a Christmas Special,
We will be discounting all of our for-sale painted products, such as the armies.

Here are some examples of the painted armies:

First up is a fantastic high elf army pro painted and features 30+ spearmen and a dragon

Also we have a 'iyanden' Eldar Army also pro-painted which includes 25 wraith guard and 3 wraith lords

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Small Business Saturday

After 'Black Friday' is 'Small business Saturday'

Black Friday is a tradition started in the states for big companies to push some big sales before December, and lots of savings can be had.

Small business Saturday is a little more relaxed, no one is going to get trampled but we will be celebrating!

We're showing our support to Sky's Cupcakes, just 25 cents.

Starting today we will be discounting current games workshop, privateer press and battlefront in stock items by 10% and special order items will get 15% off

Our huge Bitz sale continues we have STAR WARS X-Wing miniatures in stock as well

So hopefully you guys can make it out and share some cupcakes and play some games!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Scarring up the world

     Well, we just completed our second game of RISK: Legacy, and it was a well-fought battle all around. Joining me was Andrew Price, as 'Die Mechaniker' faction (Red) and Andrew Slater using the 'Saharan Republic' faction (Tan) for this game I used 'Khan Industries' (Grey)

We didn't bother photographing the first 2-3 turns because we basically just chose starting positions and consolidated our power bases here we go:

Andrew P, with a flair for poetic justice, decided the red army should start in russia, and in his subsequent turns fortified the heck out of europe

Andrew S quickly grabbed Australia and made a push all the way up to Kamatcha, mostly to contest my continental-jog to North America

I greedily sped my through Africa and South America, spreading myselfa little thin, BUT keeping my main borders aswell-defendedasI could Manage

Andrew P made a push for Kamatcha, because at the end of my turn a 3 resource card came up, giving him the oppourtunity to escalate our border patrols

Andrew S spreads out across asia, with india being hotly contestedby all factions to obtain those precious resource cards

I sneak my way across North America in a bid to grab land and hopefully assault Iceland in the near future

Andrew P breaks my stranglehold on North Africa, severly hampering my recruitment drive, and mercifully leaves Brazil untouched, he attempts a few minor coups on his Asian/European Border, but get pushed back to europe

Andrew S conquers nearly all of asia and gets a foothold in North America

I add just enough force to reclaim the african continent and added just a little to North America to discourage expansion by Andrew S

Andrew P cashed in some resource cards and tons of artillery appeared on the boarders of Europe, I learned that shouting "fortress europe" while defending Europe will drastically improve dice rolls.

Andrew S enforced an Ammo shortage in afganisatan and claims several more territories, after several unsuccessful attempts on Russia he decidedto keep a strong border

I finally kicked Andrew out of North America but I was unable to conquer the whole continent becuase I didn't have troops to spare fighting partisans in Toronto (the NEW capital of Canada) I was finally able to push in to Europe and deny Andrew his 5 army bonus and hopefully outpace him in the arms race.

Andrew P's forces are dwindling but his few strong territories are able to gurantee him a win by cashing in resource cards for victory Stars, despite being surrounded he can win very soon,

more unsuccessful raids on Russia and a string of bad luck attempting to engage forces in india have left Andrew S's forces broken and scattered his best bet is to pile everything into indonesia and bunker down and wait for someone else to slip up

I had tried to force an ammo shortage when I was stationed in Greenland, after Andrew attemped to invade butbeing the attacking player he was able to take priority and place a bunker which not only meant my ammo shortage was cancelled but also it was going to be very tough to claim, After some incredibly lucky rolling I broke in, last turn I ammassed troops in China and india and blitzed through south asia and indonesia and since I still had my ammo shortage, I could accomplish two tasks 1, claim Andrew S's HQ and 2 make Austraila amuch more challengeing prospect to hold in all future games.

The ammo shortage in Afganistan was pivotal to the game, this territory changed hands numerours times even over the course of 2-3 turns

Europe is MUCH more appealing now, the Bunker in Iceland held strong for several rounds in battle, but eventually it fell.

The ammo shortage in Indonesia was game-breaking, it let me grab my third star, and will have reprecussions for future games making Australia slightly moretricky to hold

Player Rewards: Japan was already a 3-resource territory but Andrew S' Troops held outso well he decided to upgrade it, with an additional resource, Japan will be a target to occupy in future games.

Andrew P founded the minor city of Cardiff in great Britain. Now when players try to claim Great Britain, they will lose 1troop due to resistance, BUT it will contribute 1 population, (effectively counting as two territories in one!)

 My reward was to Name the Continent of North America, hence forth North America shall be knows as: NEO-CANADA!
My bonus for doing so is; If I conquer all of 'Neo Canada' in any future game,I get an additional +1 bonus to the number of armies levied.

And just because it's been a while since I've showcased any work; here is my in-progress 'Miss-terious' forthe Malifaux painting contest!

Monday, 19 November 2012

RISK:Legacy decisions, decisions

After having a quick read through the rulebook I like spots left so that you could add and update the rules as you play games risk legacy. There are some decisions you have to make before playing the game. One decision is to add 12 resource points to your territory cards. The other is the starting powers of the five factions I come in the game.

Let's start with the territory cards. Each territory card automatically comes with one resource points you get to add points to them so that they can total up to three before the first game. The rulebook states that there is no right or wrong way to do this particular action.

I decided to randomize it a little. I like the idea of having three tiers of territories. So I shuffled all the territory cards up, and dealt nine out. Each of these nine got a second resource point. The territories I got our Irkutsk, Ural, East Africa, Ontario Madagascar, Eastern United States Iceland, Yakutsk and Japan.
After determining these nine second-tier territories I shuffled them up and added a third resource to three of them, Establishing a first-tier territory that would be Coveted.

Now onto the factions. Minor spoiler alert I will be detailing the rules that I did choose however for those of you who like a little mystery I will not be going over the powers that I did not pick.

These guys are supposed to be well armed, well-equipped, and well-trained. The rule I chose for them is:

[When recruiting troops, round up when dividing your territory and population by three, not down.]

I picked this power because it seems like these guys would have a propaganda machine as equally impressive as their war machine. So I thought that it reflects their nature.

These guys are supposed to be able to crank troops and guns at an alarming rate, For them I picked:

[At the start of your turn, place one truth in each territory that has an HQ you control.]

That seemed appropriate for them because it seems as though their major populations and cities and bases would also act as recruiting centres.

These guys are genetically modified humans that seem to of gone all tribal and decided to ride Bears to battle. Their rule is:

[If your attack role is at natural three of us kind and at least one that defending troop is defeated, you conquer the territory. Remove all defending troops.]

Although a 'lucky roll' type rule is usually not a tactical style rule they still lend themselves to create very exciting moments in a tactical strategy game.

These guys are supposed to be a tough nut to crack. The rules reflect very defensive and very heavily fortified positions. The one I chose for them is:

[If your defense role is to natural sixes, that territory cannot be attacked again for the rest of the turn.]

I chose that rule much for the same reasons as the above rule, also I'm a big fan of any game mechanic that elicits unnecessary shouting.

These guys are supposed to be specialists in guerrilla warfare in tactics and extremely mobile. I chose:

[When making your maneuver, you may maneuver between any two territories you control, you even if they are not connected.]

I think this rule is also known as "that thing you wanted to do in every game of risk you ever played since you were a kid but never were allowed to" The scary thing is the other option for their special rule was equally as good.

So I hope this gives you a good idea of what kind of decisions you can make when you first open up your copy of risk legacy don't forget that every game you play there on after permanently changes the way the game is played forever.

Friday, 16 November 2012

L5R promos and unboxing RISK:Legacy

So starting with the L5R promos,
If you have a sharp enough eye you can see; Wyrmbone Katana, Alternate Art Retribution, Peace, Ressurrection, and the imperial treasury,

Well... Here's a close up in case you don't have such sharp eyes...

Ok now I've been eagerly anticipating this; RISK: Legacy!!!

Opening the box you are immediately greeted with pretty standard fare: tokens to punch-out, the rule book but also some 'boosters' inside the lid that are only supposed to be opened after specific events

Looks like some city and resource stickers and a game progress board

Some faction boards, I've been told you mark specialties and abilities on them

WOW! That's funny; a contract taking responsibility for the wars about to begin!
what have we done?

Very interesting, the playing pieces are nicely detailed and a couple packages marked 'open when 3 missiles are used in the same combat' and 'Open when someone is about to place 30+ troops on the board and has a missile' that sounds a little ominous to me,
Imperial Balkania (look a lot like Palpatine's Royal Gaurdwith Hover Tanks to me!)
Enclave of The Bear; Barbarian Wolverine-style troops with Bear-riders? yes please

Die Mechankier - typical power-armoured troops with BIG GUNS

Khan Industries- Colonial Marines finally decided to weaponize those power loaders!

TheSaharan Republic bear a resemblance to Dune's Fremen with some fast-looking little buggies

Everything looks pretty good... Wait the bottom lifts out...


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Infinity games

Spontaneously a game of infinity burst out between Carl and Trevor today;

Carl's playing Yu-jing, using Sun Tze mk 2, 2 zanshi, a shoalin monk a celestial guard and a Dao fei with HMG,

Trevor is playing Haqqislam Qapu Khalqi sectorial force, using 4 Druze shock troops 3 Djanbazan a Hafza and 2 nazmat remotes

There was enormous firefight between the Djanbazan and Daofei

Carl's leader dropped to a spitfire from the Druze

Much shouting was done by all.

In other news, the BIitz are disappearing quickly, as people wander in and out looking for deals