Tuesday, 30 October 2012

L5R Tuesday, and pumpkins

Typically L5R is very popular on Tuesday but it seems Space Alert has enthralled our regular L5R players, causing no less than 22 deaths! Yup we failed 4 missions before we survived 1!

Regardless a good time was had by all and my ONI deck for L5R was able to put another notch in its belt, if there's one thing I learned from today; it's horrible monsters always win, so BE a horrible monster

And tomorrow if you stop by check out our lovely pumpkin! (Soon to be carved)

Monday, 29 October 2012

Opening up open fire

So a local celebrity around here stopped by mr. Mike Num, with his shiny baby daughter Lillian and being a flames of war enthusiast decided to pick up the new open fire box,

After much pleading on my part he was kind enough to let me drool over the contents and here's what we got;
Tons of tanks even more infantry and check out this V1 flying bomb!

And you ACTUALLY get enough dice to play games with instead on just the 5 or 6 many producers provide.

Now back to painting those Russians...

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cake magic

Yesterday we had Magic Games Day for Return to Ravnica, and in celebration we gave away 5 cakes in guild colours made by Amber Snider pictured here is the 'Rakdos' cake we don't have pictures of the other ones... Without pieces missing that is...

Much Rain and paint.

Wow it was very wet out today and yesterday, lost of people wanting to stay in - perfect time to get some painting done, lucky for me, I primed all my Dark Age stuff a couple days ago!
Pictured here is St.Luke (the big guy who has 2 fighting styles: Dragon and Mantis - also known as spear and shot gun!), 2 Arsenals, 3 Stingers, Orchid (which is painted) and her twin brother Nathaniel, and lastly primed white is Marionette which I'm hoping to paint with a very glossy PVC look to her.

Also I'll be (attempting) to finish 'Miss Terious' a limited edition Wyrd model for the October painting contest for Malifaux wish me luck!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

What's on tap? Space Alert is.

Well today is absolutely beautiful out, so I think I'll spend it... Cleaning.

The shop is a lot more organized and we just got some brand new copies of 'space alert' in if you haven't tried this game, you HAVE to! Well be running it next Tuesday.

Seriously what could possibly be more fun than running around a spaceship blindly pressing buttons and screaming hoping to not explode and/or get eaten by a space squid (or both if its your lucky day)

It's a cooperative game that leaves you blaming everybody else for all the mistakes you made (because they TOLD you too, it's not YOUR fault you agreed!)

Just try to survive for 10 minutes, simple enough, remember in space no one can hear you say 'oops'

Open Fire!

Wow what luck!

We finished 'Tanksgiving' with a winning score and got LOTS finished on the Russian assault tank company, (pictured here with 'winter camo' )

I was going through an old box and found the remainder of my '4th Canadian Armoured Division'

Aaaaaand today the new Flames of War starter set shows up?
It's a very flames of war Friday, Charlie Brown!