Friday, 14 December 2012

Modern tourney, and hero shenanigans

So today; We are going to be running a modern tournament for Magic the gathering. What that means is you have to have made your deck before you enter. But it's a little more forgiving because you have some slightly older cards too. Now that's can offer up its own specific challenges. Mostly because people get to use cards from all sorts of different sets and create new combinations that normally wouldn't have been planned in that block.
I plan on using my Birthing Pod deck I affectionately call it my "Will it blend?" deck because the best thing it does is Jam a creature in a blender and makes a better one.

Here we are featuring some hero clicks minis. Two days ago we got some brave and the bold boosters in, And we are already completely sold out. Jason Clark is One lucky guy he ended up getting the really big chase rare in this block which is Martian man Hunter as a black lantern! Also he ended up getting two flashes on a single base running side-by-side because they're traveling through time just to buddy up! And the green arrow in Green Lantern team up figure. Also from the same brick came a Green Lantern and flash team up figure which has some of the most crazy abilities: they get to mimic any damage ability or power that they currently don't possess, Plus they have a 12 square charge with four damage that they can dish out in one turn! In addition of that I've noticed that people want things that kind of work together.

 So I decided to also offer ready to go play sets of things. So people that want to create a themed force, can use the premade sets that I have handy. And here are some examples. This week will be getting some independent comic boosters and for hero clicks, So be sure to check them out because you might get a chance to say hello to Judge dread and/or Hellboy.

Joker and his best gal, Harley

Parademon troops from Apokolips

Easy Company featuring Sgt Rock
The Gotham City PD

Justice  League set

These are all for sale individually; left to right top: Exclusive promo superman in black uniform, Desaad, The Key, left to right Bottom: PromoJoker, Parasite, Darkseid, Original Flash.

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