Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wyrd Spotlight part 1/3 the Company


Well I started this entry a couple of days ago. I noticed that I had way more material that should be contained in one entry. So I decided that I would break it up into three parts. I wanted to really focus on the company so I'm making this one first.

If you only read one portion of this three-part entry I really hope it's this part.

So what's the big deal about WYRD? Well in a very short space of time, shorter than any miniature company I'm aware of a garnered a great deal of respect amongst their fans myself included.

Their initiatives both product wise and Company wise are Incredible.

I still don't have my "nightmare lord chompy", but maybe someday
I've seen very few companies that address concerns about their products or services as quickly or as creatively as this company. For example: I as an avid collector of their products desperately wanted many of their promotional items. Unfortunately being a small business owner I can't make it too things like GenCon or things like that. So Wyrd actually took the step forward and decided to make it possible for guys like me to be able to get their exclusives without having to wait for it to show up on eBay and fork over a small fortune for it.

They are very upfront about their conditions on special items and things like that. Moreover they reward their players with the most interesting little bonuses. One such thing is a nurse model for a faction called the resurrectionists Called "Miss pack " In the only way to obtain this model is to get her as a mispack in one of the regular starter boxes. They don't really have to give you free stuff. They just throw that in because it's something neat and definitely very appreciated appreciated by their fans.

Now they've been taking a lot of flak over their kick starter for a new role playing game system that they're coming out with. I'd really like as many people that are fans of weird to show their support of this company. One thing that's problematic with kick starter is lots of customers come in talking with these new and amazing products that are coming out. But when it comes to the store level I can't compete with a lot of the offerings that companies make for their kick starter programs. Which is led to me simply not ordering a lot of the products that they can get more and better things for from that Kickstarter.

The Wicked Doll, designed by Professor Noxweiler Berf and constructed by Lizzie Dee Designs.Weird miniatures had the brilliant idea of offering exclusive things through their kick starter but actually encouraging purchases at the store level. Which helps little guys like me out. Obviously a lot of other customers, have taken issue with this idea. And yes I do understand that not getting the full product that can be offered through stores at the kick starter level him could be frustrating. But isn't the point to kick starter to show your support and help fund the project to ensure that he gets created?

Here's a link to their kick starter:

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