Friday, 7 December 2012

The ULTIMATE showdown

Hero clicks has been around for a while. I played it when it first came out and it was a lot of fun.

"I'm not stuck in here with you, You're stuck in here with me!"
 I was surprised to find that not only is it still in production it's still going very strong.

Marvel vs. Capcom in tabletop form anyone?

Moreover, I was wowed by the fact that everything that is in the hero clicks line is compatible with each other.

Bane and Joker decide to outsorce some labour
So we actually have Marvel superhero characters fighting against DC superhero characters and villains.
Spiderman thought his vacation in Gotham would be uneventful

It doesn't end there, you can have Halo, the hobbit, and various horror themes, and independent comics, that all can battle together. We just got in stock for watchmen hero clicks streetfighter hero clicks, And a whole bunch of single models for the game.

For sale as soon as it is sorted... and yes that is ghost rider if you can see him
Of note the models have improved significantly over the time, the processes have gotten better for sculpting. Although I'm not a big advocate for prepainted miniatures or prepainted miniature games I find that the products that have come out this year: Backswing miniatures, the new sets for hero clicks, and a large number of others are really making their footprint on the tactical wargaming scene.

The Deputised Lantern Corps from 'Blackest night'. Hey Lex can I borrow that shiny armour? oh, right... Orange is the 'Greed' Lantern.

So what does it all mean? it means that yes you can in fact have Spiderman team up with Superman, Master Chief Frodo Baggins, Hellboy, Guile, and Rorschach to try to take down Cthulhu!!

buildings added for scale.

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