Thursday, 3 January 2013

Battle Report Hero Clix

Ryan – I took the fantastic four and I added Spiderman because he was a member of them at one point in time, I decided to add in the BPRD because that's the kind of thing you can do in hero clicks so I took Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman. My biggest concern Is Dr. Manhattan, and Andrew's ability to use Archie (Nite owl's ride) to deploy a big chunk of his force with only one action.

Andrew – I took the watchmen fast forces pack because they're sweet. I think my big advantages are Dr. Manhattan's probability control, and Nite Owl can make my force really mobile. I can provide a lot of supporting fire with the Comedian because he's got good range. My big concerns are the Thing, the Human Torch, and Mr. Fantastic… And pretty much everything else on his team.

I won the roll off for deployment. I'm going to play the Thing, Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, and Invisible Woman in a cluster because they'll benefit from the team ability, Spiderman has leap so I can put him in the back. I'll have Liz and Abe at the front on my flank hopefully they can hold it.

Andrew: I'm deploying most of the force around Nightowl to take advantage of Archie. Dr. Manhattan is so strong he's going to be on the right flank which I'm pretty sure he can handle himself.

Turn one just saw a lot of positioning on the board I moved up Liz, Abe and Spiderman, Andrew was able to rocket forward with Dr. Manhattan at a very quick pace. He deployed Archie and had Nite Owl bring the rest of his crew up with him, so he's made it past the halfway mark while only half of my guys have gotten even a third of the way up the table.

The Human Torch attempted to get some early damage on Dr. Manhattan, unfortunately rolled a critical miss and took 1 click of damage. Everybody else piled up and got stuck in the broken glass at the entrance of the lantern Corps because not all of them have leap or climb or flight.

Andrews turn: Silk Spectre attempted to charge Spiderman swung and missed, (she gets different abilities depending on whether she's closer to Nite Owl or Dr. Manhattan!) Comedian attempted to show human torch how running shot is supposed to work by firing at Mr. fantastic, and promptly rolled a total of three which is a miss. Dr. Manhattan tried to change fate by letting comedian reroll that and promptly rolled a 4! still a miss. The rest of his force moved up and the following turns are just going to be a mess!

Starting my turn with a lucky roll for the Things' "yer ever lovin' pal" ability I was able to remove action tokens from Invisible Woman and Human torch. I pushed the Thing to swing at Ozymandias with a hotdog cart and rolled yet another critical failure! Susan Richards levitated Liz next to Rorschach, Liz did a free point of damage to both Rorschach and Ozymandias, She swung and Hit Rorschach but Dr. Manhattan forced a reroll on that which turned into a miss. Abe followed suit, But human torch was able to take a lucky shot at Dr. Manhattan and do it click of damage despite his invulnerability.

Dr. Manhattan saw human torch is a threat, and didn't do any damage to him. the Comedian oddly enough doused the human torch with flames(Maybe it was flame retardant foam in that backpack of his?) and caused a critical hit with two sixes!

Spiderman swung and missed Ozymandias and Mr. fantastic caused a little bit of damage on Dr. Manhattan thankfully making him lose probability control. Andrew 's turn was way more productive for taking out Liz Sherman and causing some damage to Spiderman

Human torch did a 'pulse wave' ability and caused damage to comedian but failed with everybody else in range. Abe just repositioned. The Thing charged Rorschach. Invisible woman annihilated Ozy with a critical blast of her invisible bubbleness Slightly leveling the playing field.

Starting to turn Rorschach uses his improvised flamethrower on Spidey dropping the wall crawler, Silk Spectre charges the thing and recoils before for the awesome might of the giant rock man. (At this point Andrew point said that he thinks that the battle report is a little biased) Rorschach pushes to try to break off and doesn't succeed. Comedian attempts to take a swing at the human torch and Extinguishes the living flame. It appears that Dr. Manhattan's science isn't nearly as good as Mr. fantastic: Reed Richards. And Nightowl hops on Archie and cruises to the other side of the board.

Using Mr. fantastic and Thing to gang up on Rorschach causing a total of Five damage which was reduced to by two because of Rorschach's toughness but also sent him sprawling due to knock back. Dr. Manhattan, Comedian and Nite Owl attempt to use the same tactic on Mr. fantastic who ends up dodging out-of-the-way From Dr. Manhattan and Nightowl. The comedian advances simply to prove his ineptitude. ("More bias!" - Andrew)

Abe moves a single square yet again, being more of a mobile inconvenience (insert ubiquitous joke about a fish-man being out of his element here...) Invisible Woman pops Comedian like a bubble. On Andrews turn Dr. Manhattan caused some serious damage to Abe. Silk Spectre swings and damages thing for one. Rorschach moves over, and Nightowl Makes an unsuccessful attack against Mr. Fantastic.

Abe tries to attack Rorschach with a grenade hoping to catch Silk Spectre in the blast but misses. Mr. fantastic targets Rorschach, Taking him out with a stretchy suplex of science. Thing targets silk specter and severely damages her bringing her close to the end of her dial. Andrew makes Dr. Manhattan atomize Abe, Silk specter Punches the thing but fails to penetrate his rocky hide. Nite Owl Lands a telling blow on Reed Richards causing a critical.

Invisible woman tries to go for a hat trick of annihilation by targeting Dr. Manhattan but fails to hit even with her husband's ability to boost her 'hit' bonus, Mr. fantastic destroys Nite Owl. The Thing takes a push to attempt to down silk spectre. Dr. Manhattan finally destroys Mr. fantastic, causing the remaining fantastic 4 members to heal from their team ability. Silk Spectre desperately tries to damage the thing Andrew pushes her, she misses, causes herself a wound and subsequently she collapses.

Invisible Woman tries to target Dr. Manhattan and rolls a critical miss, this wound dropping her ability to harm him at all, her best bet; bubble up the doc so he has to push to do anything at all. Thing advances to put himself in between the doctor and the invisible woman The doc fires and misses the thing.

The thing flanks Dr. Manhattan in an attempt to leave an open fire lane for invisible woman. The doc just rests.

After several turns of swinging and missing back and forth between the thing invisible woman and Dr. Manhattan Manhattan finally lands a blow right on the thing causing his ability to do damage to go up just enraging the beast. the Thing swings back with a chop to the solar plexus finally downing the big blue man group reject.

After action:
Ryan - I can't believe I squeaked out enough damage in the end Manhattan finally dropped invisible woman down to a damage rating that she couldn't actually physically hurt him and the thing had such a low attack value that it was not likely I was going to hit to do any damage to him at all. Finally I lucked out and Thing smashed the good doctor upside the head with his hotdog cart. But I do have to give man (or rather woman) of the match to invisible woman Susan Richards for annihilating two characters almost single-handedly. Rorschach definitely was a huge pain because he just Sapping damage off of all of my guys that were around him. And I was terrified of trying to take on Dr. Manhattan because that guy just will not get damaged.

Andrew - I thought it was really interesting game, I thought moving up right off the bat was a huge advantage, Because I had my entire force up at the scrimmage line when Ryan only had two members. I Don't think I prioritized my targets well enough. I flat-out ignored the invisible woman or perhaps I didn't see her... Rorschach did pretty well but I'd have to say my star player is definitely the Comedian even though he went down fairly early but he single-handedly killed someone who is made out of fire with fire that's just hard-core. I was definitely concerned about the Thing because my force can spread out and I only have one guy that can deal lots of damage. The sheer numbers Ryan fielded was a little intimidating too.

Ryan - All in all I had a great game and would definitely play Andrew anytime.

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