Monday, 29 April 2013

Today we’re going to take a look at the Legend of the Five Rings tournaments that we run here in the shop, as well as the upcoming new set – Coils of Madness. We just finished up the first Quarter for the events, and we’re about to start the next with some new promo cards, shown here.
 One of the exciting things about Legend of the Five Rings tournaments is that there is a participation promo card, as well as a prize card. This means that no matter how well you do in the event, you will at least get a promo card unavailable any other way! For the next Quarter, the participation card is Lantern of Revelation, while the prize is Summon Fushico. You will also notice that the two cards are “Dual Bugged” for both the current edition (Emperor) and the next edition (Ivory). That means that these cards will be useable in standard tournaments for over two years! 

Speaking of dual bugged cards, the new set for Legend of the Five Rings comes out in May. Coils of Madness is the first dual bugged set for the upcoming Ivory Edition of the game. That means these cards too will be legal for over two years! Not to mention, the collector’s box set contains a play set of every card in the set, including some very powerful cards that are only legal for Emperor Edition play.


One of the new Strongholds themed
around the mysterious Fudo Monks.
The set will be available in two different formats: the collector’s box set, and booster packs. The Collector’s Box Set contains a play set of the new cards, which means 3 of every card that is not Unique, and 1 of each Unique card. The box set is also the only way to get the cards that will be legal only in Emperor Edition, including the two new themed Stronghold cards – Foothold of the Mad and The False Path. The Collector’s Box set also comes in a special tin that will hold all your cards from the Coils of Madness. This set is a great deal too, at the low price of $100! I will note though, if you don’t pre order a box, you may not get one for a while! Legend of the Five Rings has a tendency to sell out the day it comes in store, and suppliers are hard pressed to keep up. But, if you pre order, you will already have one waiting for you!

 The booster packs for the Coils of Madness set are a little different from previous L5R sets. The biggest difference is that the cards do not have a rarity value. That is, there are no “Rare”, “Uncommon”, or “Common” cards in the set. Instead, each booster pack will contain 7 cards – 4 Non-Unique Cards, 1 Unique Full Bleed version of a card from the set (that means larger art, check out the difference between Delicate Gamble!), and 2 Unique cards from the set. Not to mention, for the first time in years, you have a chance to get FOIL versions of L5R cards in these boxes! You will also find a single character for each Great Clan that is only contained in the boosters, giving you even more options.


Legend of the Five Rings is a very story driven game, and Coils of Madness is no different in that regard. Returning to the tabletop in card form are some of the most popular characters from the past, who interacted with the evil Mad Dragon, Pan’ku. As the set revolves around the machinations of the Mad Dragon, a lot of new history is revealed, and these cards represent the characters in those histories. So, we get some pretty well known characters in a new “Inexperience” style. Check out Tsuruchi, which Mantis players will recognize as the Great Archer, for whom an entire family is now named.


Coils of Madness looks like it will be a great set for current players, new players, and future players throughout the next story arc. Get your decks ready for the end of the Emperor Edition, and boost your collection in preparation for Ivory.!

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